Posted in News, on July 25, 2013

When NCSY Doesn’t Just Stop at High School Graduation

By: Sabrina Sandler

Sabrina, left, with her fellow New York NCSY Buzz Team membersLike the true NCSYer I am, let me just start off by saying this is the Best. Internship. Ever. This is a major change from my last two summers that I spent in Israel on TJJ and TJJ Ambassadors. Again,  there’s no other place I’d rather be than NCSY, but this time the scenery is a little different. Offices and cubicles and awards and papers decorate the three floors the OU takes up at 11 Broadway, all pushing the same idea of enhancing the Jewish fure. From my two short, but rewarding, years at NCSY I could never imagine that all of the 13 chaotic regions are controlled by such a cool, calm, and collected office. Overlooking the Hudson River on the southern tip of Manhattan, the OU offices have countless departments, one of them being NCSY Alumni. Alumni is something that I now, with a heavy heart, must say that I am, but gladly represent and am thrilled to have the opportunity to work towards bettering. At Alumni during the summer, we try to find ways to connect with those impacted by NCSY, JSU, summer programs, etc. so that they know that we still care (because we do!!) and are willing to connect them to whatever Jewish resources on their campuses best suit them. Basically, it’s my job to find these people and make sure that when they’re out there in the “real world” they’re not alone because here at OU we believe no Jew should be left behind. This internship, though long and draining, is super rewarding. I sit in on meetings where the NextGen department tries to find ways to better Klal Yisrael and wow, I sure feel like an important 18-year-old.  A few weeks in and I've already seen the major strides we've made. I’m sure I’ll leave this internship feeling accomplished and fulfilled, because I’ve helped better the Jewish people during my last summer as a carefree teen, so it's all worth it. So while my friends keep nagging me to go to the beach at noon on a Tuesday, I’ll keep staying here in New York City making strides in mine and other peoples’ futures, regret free.


Sabrina will be starting her freshman year at George Washington University this fall.  Mazal tov, Sabrina – have a great time!