Posted in Dvar Torah, on December 24, 2014

Teshuva, Self Control, and makings of Redemption – Parshat Vayigash – Yoni Colman, NCSY Canada

In parshat Vayigash, Joseph’s brother Yehudah beseeches him, now the powerful viceroy of Egypt, to have mercy on the impoverished family and to take him, rather than their youngest brother, Benjamin, as collateral for a food loan.

Although Joseph is known for his self-control, he has to somehow confront the new-found humility of his brother Yehudah, the same brother who sold him into slavery. Yoni Colman, managing director of NCSY Canada & Torah High, explains how Joseph represents the epitome of self-control, and presents an interpretation from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks that foreshadows the two component parts of the Jewish concept of the messiah.