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  • Rally in Miami: Liron Ozery Alumni Spotlight

    Rally in Miami: Liron Ozery Alumni Spotlight

    For Liron Ozery, an alumna from Southern NCSY (2012), there was no question that she wanted to take action during Operation Protective Edge this summer. A strong believer in the state of Israel, Liron and two friends came up with a social media campaign to help bring awareness and support for Israel. “There were a

    posted by , on October 7, 2014
  • Alumni Spotlight: Dan Butler

    Alumni Spotlight: Dan Butler

    NCSY Leadership Dan Butler describes himself as a teen who had become lackadaisical about Judaism, though he had been a star student at the fledgling Yeshiva of Scranton in the 1960s. (“I was valedictorian – shows you how low the bar was back then,” he quips.) Fearful that his cynicism might reach toxic levels, his siblings insisted that he needed to recharge his spirituality at a

    posted by , on September 23, 2014