Posted in Dvar Torah, on January 13, 2015

Parshat VaEira – Can you beat Angry Frogs? – Rabbi Adi Isaacs, Director of Thrive at Hebrew U

In this week’s Torah portion, we see the start of HaShem’s Ten Plagues over Egypt. In describing the second plague, that of frogs, the Torah uses the singular, that only one frog jumped out. Our understanding is that frogs don’t become a problem until there are millions of them, so why is there just the one? It all comes down to the Egyptians’ anger issues.
This explanation is shared by former JOLT director and New York NCSY staff member, Rabbi Adi Isaacs, who now is the founder and director of Thrive at Hebrew University, a semester-long program in Jerusalem which combines academic excellence with a rich Israel experience.

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