Posted in Dvar Torah, on July 11, 2011

Parshat Tzav, Our Connection to Hashem

Parshat Tzav, Our Connection to Hashem

By:Ariella Goldberg

                Parshat Tzav speaks about the different karbanot, offerings, a person was able to give in the Beit Hamikdash. Theparsha includes instructions, laws, and what type of animals to use. Most of these karbanot were offered for committing a sin. In those days, if you committed a sin, you could buy a nice fat cow (or other types of animals and/or spices, depending on how much you could afford) and sacrifice it to Hashem. Unfortunately, we do not have that type relationship with Hashem anymore. We cannot just go to His “home” and annul a sin like that.

                A tragedy occurred in Toulouse, France last week. Four innocent victims were murdered for their Jewish faith. This event is horrify unisolated in our times, and reminds us that we are in exile and lack that unique connection to G-d that we once enjoyed. Rabbi Sandler, his children, and little Miriam were abruptly taken from this world, and can no longer serve Hashem down in this world. In this lifetime, a person’s responsibility is to achieve the highest level of spirituality possible. Due to malice, and blind hatred those innocent Jews lives can no longer continue to grow with their family and friends in Toulouse, France.

                We lost the ability to offer sacrifices to G-d, instead we were given the opportunity and power of prayer as a replacement. With prayer, we have the ability to connect to Hashem and reach out to our Father, our King, just like we once did in the Beit Hamikdash. The truly awe inspiring element, is that Hashem, king of the universe wants to hear from us. Through this Parsha, we can remember how our relationship with Hashem used to be, and are able to reach again, amen.

Ariella Goldberg is a senior at Bruria High School and a member of New Jersey NCSY’s regional board