Posted in News, on November 20, 2013

Met Through NCSY? So did the Riesels!



Finding one’s spouse can be a daunting process for most, but for the Riesels it was

nothing short of miraculous. They had G-d guiding them and NCSY unwittingly acting as

their matchmaker. Because Heshy Riesel grew in up in a Hasidic household and

Rochelle Cohen grew up in a non-observant household, there weren’t many chances

for them to meet. If  anything, they were worlds apart.  However, Heshy had a drive

to share his Jewish spirit with others, so he became involved in NCSY, quickly

working his way up to become a leader.  Rochelle became interested in learning more

about Judaism as a teenager and was growing steadily in her yiddishkeit through her

college years. But throughout this time, even though they lived in two distant locales,

they stayed with different friends and social circles.  They needed a bigger force to bring

them together, and that force was NCSY.


One week, Rochelle had heard that there was a senior NCSY shabbaton. Thinking

this meant a college senior shabbaton, she decided she wanted to go. She

packed up her bags and hurried out Friday afternoon to get there prior to Shabbat.  

She arrived with time to spare at the shul, but, to her disappointment, the shul

was locked.  Frantically, she hurried to the home of the shabbaton coordinator.  


As Shabbat was now fast approaching she knocked heavily on the door.  Once…

Twice…no answer.  She decided to knock once more and finally someone ran to

the door.  It was Heshy who answered.  Though he was confused as to why

this young lady was knocking at his door, he kindly asked what Rochelle was

doing there.  She replied that she was a college senior that had come for the

shabbaton.  Heshy thought for second, looking somewhat bewildered,

and then realized what happened.  


“Oh no,” Heshy said. “This is a senior shabbaton for kids in high school, not



Seeing her downfallen face he quickly added, “But don’t worry! We have tons of

room in our house.  Please join us for the shabbaton.”  


And the rest is some happy history…



The story of how each couple meets is always special.


Finding G-d’s hand in it is often so clear.  In the Riesel’s case,


G-d’s hand used NCSY to bring together two people, from different backgrounds,


different regions, and different families to build a Jewish home together.  


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