Posted in Dvar Torah, on April 10, 2014

‘In Every Generation…’ A Pesach Message from Rabbi Pinchas Stolper

Rabbi Pinchas Stolper, the Founding Director of NCSY presents a special message for Pesach during the NCSY@60 anniversary year. Drawing on the mysteries of Lag B’Omer and the meaning of Vehi She’Amda, a passage from the Haggadah which marvels that the Covenant between HaShem and the Jewish people has endured through the generations as countless have sought to wipe us out.
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Lag B’Omer Bonfire, CC-BY Roi Boshi:
Details of Trajan’s Column and the Arch of Titus
El Ghriba Synagogue in Tunisia, CC-BY: Christopher S. Rose,
Cheder boys by Roman Vishniac, courtesy Mara Vishniac/International Center of Photography
Archive Photos of NCSYers, including Camp NCSY West Coast 1974: Courtesy of NCSY
IDF Officer Helping Ethiopian Immigrants CC-BY Israeli Government Press Office:
Musicians in Jerusalem, courtesy Israel Free Spirit Taglit-Birthright Israel,
Night Picture of the Mediterranean CC-BY NASAmarshall: