Posted in , on July 31, 2015

Yosef Golubchuck: Get Out & Accomplish

NCSY alum, Yosef Golubchuck, loves getting out with his family, traveling, getting involved in outreach and connecting to college students. After Yosef and his wife Sharon moved to Highland Park, NJ they immediately realized they lived close to Rutgers University and saw it as a awesome opportunity to get involved with Jewish college students on campus. Yosef volunteers for The Rutgers Jewish Experience and MEOR. Yosef and Sharon staffed trips to Israel and Arizona through RJX and MEOR, they were able to do two things they love: traveling and connecting to Jews.  Yosef shared an experience with one of his trip particpants, “Someone shared with us on the trip that she grew up in a home with no love, her parents didnt love eachother, but seeing a relationship like you have with your wife was something that she wants for herself.”

11751568_10206534679781684_1727040440_oBefore Yosef got involved with Rutgers, he was the city director of Highland Park NCSY. NCSY helped Yosef have a more outgoing personality and be able to connect with people of all backgrounds, which has helped him in his line of work. He has seen repeatedly how NCSY is a community that fosters an environment where everyone is accepted and can find real growth and this is why Yosef  expressed,”the connections you make in NCSY are real and everlasting.”

Yosef’s getting involved attitude clearly is rooted in fact that he sets goals for himself and accomplishes them. Recently, Yosef set a goal for himself to lose weight and he did it! Yosef shared his thoughts about his weight loss, “I was a soldier fighting for my life but for the first time, I finally had the weapons and tools in the form of knowledge and awareness to not just win some battles, but to achieve victory in the entire war.” Yosef fought his war and realized if he wasn’t going to accomplish it now, when was he going to. So, he set his goal and completed it. “It is a great emotional journey to set a goal, suffer through the blood, sweat, and tears that are necessary to achieve it, and be aware enough to notice and see the fruits of your labor.”