Posted in , on January 28, 2016

Liran Weizman: Let Your Energy Fly

IMG_4748Liran Weizman is known from by her energetic disposition and desire to conquer the world. When meeting Liran you immediately want to hear her story. She was born in Belgium, grew up in Hong Kong before settling in Boston, Massachusetts with her twin brother, Orel, while her parents remained in Hong Kong. It was when she began high school in Boston that she become involved in NCSY and took on the mission of nurturing and inspiring her fellow classmates. Liran soon became JSU President of her school, spoke at many NCSY shabbatons, including the New England NCSY fundraiser dinner.

While in college, Liran couldn’t get away from NCSY, she continued as an advisor in the New York region and led an all female weekly Latte and Learning. Her involvement in NCSY rolled into her summers while she was an advisor on the NCSY summer program, Michlelet.

As Liran now reflects on high school, she noticed how NCSY helped her develop into the confident and successful woman she is today. “There is no feeling like when you give a Dvar Torah at a NCSY Shabbaton immediately after receive incredible  support and feedback from your role models and friends in NCSY,” Liran shared.” She described that NCSY gave her a self-esteem and self confidence that she still carries with her. Liran shared the leadership skills she gained from NCSY, “The leadership opportunities that NCSY gave me allowed me to be able to reflect on my life and accomplishments at a young age.”

Liran is the first to accredit NCSY for the strong and confident woman she is today. “I am a product of NCSY, I would not be this motivated without NCSY, NCSY gave me to confidence to pursue my dream of being a successful woman in the workplace. The biggest thing we can do as a woman is inspire and empower other women. I wouldn’t be where I was today it was wasn’t for all of the inspiring women I have been in my life, especially in NCSY.” Liran now works in a two year training program, as an Technology Analyst for J.P. Morgan. Liran believes that she was able to land her job because of NCSY as she described when she shared when asked how did she become so successful and driven, “My NCSY background, the social and leadership skills I developed. NCSY taught me how to present myself and to never be willing to bend my morals no matter what.”

Liran left us with a powerful message that she loves to share with fellow alumni and NCSYers, to “Always be proud of your jewish identity, don’t worry about taking off for shabbos just work hard and prove yourself. The foundation that you are given in NCSY will set you for life. Always remember where you came from to get you where you want to go.”