Posted in , on November 18, 2014

Corrine Malachi: Who are you striving to be?

When you hear the characteristics caring, selfless, supportive, chessedik, “die-hard NCSYer” who comes to mind? If this girl had her own page in a dictionary, this would be the definition. Corrine Malachi, an alumna of New York NCSY – Brooklyn Chapter (2012), Regional President and National Board (2011-12), exemplifies these characteristics and so many more, and she remains passionate about NCSY almost two years after graduation from high school.

In middle school Corrine had a few good friends, but none of them could really bring her out of her shell. She was not quiet, but she was not in the right group to help her reach her potential. In 9th grade, she started going to NCSY events. “In the beginning it was more about making friends and having a good chevra that I could be with and learn from. It turned into a place where I could learn about myself, and where I could really understand the halachot I was keeping”, Corrine says. Malachi went on to participate in three summer programs, and since graduating high school, she has been an advisor for West Coast NCSY – Seattle and she started working as a counselor at Camp HASC, a camp that gives over 300 children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to have an unforgettable summer camp experience. Malachi says that her division at Camp HASC is unique because it is largely older women. “Whether verbally communicated or not, I was able to feel the appreciation from all of the campers. They made me feel that my job was making a difference,” she says. Corrine and Camp HASC create memories for the campers that last the entire year.


Corrine with one of her campers from Summer 2014.

Corrine’s chessed and passion for helping the Jewish people does not stop at Camp HASC. After spending a year in seminary at Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY), Corrine is now a Junior at Stern College where she is the president of a club called Students Helping Students, a campus club that raises money toward student financial aid for tuition. Another aspect of SHS is to help foster school spirit at Stern. “When the students unite at events, it gives a sense of school pride and achdut,” Corrine says. She got involved in SHS, originally, because the scholarship helped her to be at Stern, and she wanted to give back and help other students.

It’s clear that Corrine Malachi is a star, NCSY Alumna who uses the skills and values she learned in NCSY to help her choose the quality projects she is involved with beyond the NCSY community. At her final Spring Regional, Corrine reflected, that when she spoke, “For most people it was just a speech, but for me, it really signified a closing of a four-year chapter in my life that I never expected to blossom the way it did. I was fortunate enough to run a chapter in Brooklyn, go on multiple summer programs, and be involved nationally. It was the lessons I learned about myself and Judaism that I was going to take from NCSY to MMY to Stern and for life.”

When asked what she wanted to share with future NCSY Alumni, she answered, “No matter where you come from, whether more observant or not, there is always room to grow and learn more. Never be “comfortable”; always push yourself to continue growing.” These values were instilled with Corrine as a high schooler in NCSY, and it is apparent that she has continued to imprint these values upon herself and everyone that she meets. Strive to be the best you can be — a motto that we should all take to heart.