Posted in , on July 2, 2012

Alumni Spotlight: Matan Hazanov

                  NCSY Alumnus, Matan Hazanov is a recent York University graduate who is blazing a trail to create business opportunities for college students and recent graduates, all the while incorporating Jewish values. While he was an undergraduate, Hazanov participated in a leadership trip to Poland where all the participants were all charged with creating a program to help advocate for Israel. His idea sprung from a realization that the current programs on campus weren’t offering the student population many services that they needed.

                 Once he arrived back on campus he created the Jewish Business Network, JBN, to encourage unaffiliated students on campus to participate in Jewish classes, and in exchange be offered business opportunities such as internships and quality speakers. They seek to educate and connect future Jewish business leaders while inspiring them to make a positive impact in their communities. Following the success of the program on his own campus, he was able to expand the program to 7 additional campuses throughout Canada.

                If you are a college student who would like to get involved, or a business professional that can offer opportnunities you can contact Matan at the JBN’s website,