Posted in , on November 7, 2012

Alumni Spotlight: Josh Steinreich

             Josh Steinreich graduated the Yeshiva University’s High School for Boys (MTA) early to embark on the voyage of a lifetime in Yeshivat Hakotel’s Heseder program this fall.  Josh’s journey to this decision is enrooted in his experiences NCSY. Josh began NCSY was he was in 6th grade in NJ NCSY.

            Josh decided to spend the summer after 10th grade on NCSY Summer Kollel. At Yom NCSY that summer, Josh had the privilege to hear from Sgt. Benjamin Anthony. At the end of Sgt. Anthony’s speech he asked, “If you stand with Israel, stand now.” Josh was amazed to see the entire audience was standing in support of the state of Israel. At this moment, Josh realized that being a member of the Israeli army was his duty.

           In December 2010, at NCSY’s Yarchei, the national board members, including Josh, had a summit meeting in which the “Learn for Gilad” was developed. Learn for Gilad was a day of universal learning for the safe return of the soldier Gilad Shalit. In his role as Marketing Director, Josh directed and produced a promotional video for the event. On April 10th, 2011, NCSY’s  day of learning for Gilad Shalit took the world by storm. The success of the video and event lead Josh to create 4 more videos for each of the Israel’s national holidays.

            The inspiration the Josh has attained from his experience this year has led him to his decisions for next year. Josh believes that while spending his summer on NCSY’s kollel, his rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Taragin gave the boys a shuir on the chiyuv (responsibility) for every Jew to “live Israel”. Rabbi Taragin told the boys that loving Israel isn’t just a responsibility of those living in the land but also of those who are not there.

-Traci Levine